Workshops and Events

Drum Making workshops 

From the beginning of time, Man has used rhythm to create and utilize sacred space — to communicate with Spirit and one another. These workshops give participants the opportunity to make and bless their own frame drums. The cost of the workshop ranges depending on the shape and size of the drum made. The workshop prices include materials for the drum, the beater, dyes for coloring the drum face, and the fee for the class. 

No pre-requisite is needed. Check the calendar for the next scheduled workshop. 

Monthly Journey Circles 

Participants gather to go on drum-guided shamanic journeys with a shared intention for receiving information, healing and/or help from their spirit guides, spirit animals and teachers. These journey intentions, which often align with the moon or time of year, are shared beforehand so that others may participate remotely as well. 

Journey Circle participation is reserved for those who have completed at least the Basic Shamanic Techniques class. Check the calendar for Journey Circle dates and times. Since these are often held in private homes, locations will be available only for those eligible to participate. 

Other Events 

Other events have included workshops with guest teachers (including Nepalese shaman Bhola Banstola) shamanic art and tool making sessions; new moon, full moon, solstice and new year ceremonies; nature outings and more. See the calendar for upcoming events

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