Shamanic Healing Information 

The following are some of the types of shamanic healing sessions offered by Spirit Moon Practitioners. Please contact us for more information and to be put in contact with the practitioner best suited to work with you on your healing path. 

Soul Retrieval 

Soul Retrieval is the return of Life Force lost through trauma, illness, dependent relationships or the loss of a loved one. When we experience traumatic events in life, we separate from ourselves for protection. Sometimes that energy does not return and must be gathered back from the event or taken back from someone who has it. Soul loss (Life Force) results in feeling lost, not yourself, having addictions, certain illnesses, or an inability to get over an event or phobias. 

Power Animal Retrieval

This is the re-connection to your power animal, a guardian spirit animal who is a teacher, protector, and bridge from the sacred to the sacred within the physical world. 

Extraction Healing

Extraction sessions consist of the clearing or removal intrusions, which are thought forms embedded in our luminous or physical bodies that carry vibrations of illness, fear, or anger. These are replaced with healing energy and light. 

Psychopomp/Death and Dying Work 

These practitioners assist a dying person in his/her final transition. They also work with those who have already made their transition to make sure they have crossed fully. The work involves helping the person to let go of this life, forgive themselves or others, and to meet their guides and reunite with loved ones before departure from this life. We also help the family and offer ceremony to honor their loved one. 

One-to-one Journeys and Shamanic Consultations 

We teach you how to connect with your own guides and helping spirits, and we journey with you to find healing, answers, and energy. 


We offer ceremonies for times of transition and passage, ceremonies of new and full moons, ceremonies to release the spirit from this earth plane, house clearing and blessing ceremonies, and more. 

Other Services 

We have practitioners who offer healing arts services in addition to those listed above, including sound healing, reiki, aromatherapy, massage therapy, tarot or other intuitive readings, yoga and life coaching and more. Please let us know if interested in these services or see our list of partnering practitioners for more information. 

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