Stalking Your Power (Advanced class #1)

The next step is going deeper into your relationship with the Teachers, Guides and Self. You will learn how to free yourself of fears that have kept you from coming into relationship with your true self — your connection with the Universe and with the Divine — and to free yourself so that you can truly participate on your spiritual path, whatever that may be. And finally, to become a being of compassion . . . the result of becoming fearless.

Before a shaman’s true work begins, she or he pulls in Life Force. We call this “Power.” This allows the higher energies to flow through us and keeps us strong and safe as we travel back and forth in the other worlds.

In “Stalking Your Power,” we see where our life force has gone and how to pull it back and keep it. All of this is done in a safe and nurturing environment. We meet the Spirits and Guides who will help us. We find our own Power Song and become more adept at journeying for others. We will do individual journeys, paired journeys, a group ceremony for Mother Earth and a powerful fire ceremony together.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Basic Shamanic Techniques class with teacher recommendation/invitation to this class. Check the calendar for the next scheduled class.

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