Soul Retrieval (Advanced class #4)

Soul loss can occur after trauma, abuse, or the giving away of our primal energy; we no longer feel like ourselves. Our life force has been compromised, and we have lost our connection to it. This can last a day or a lifetime. The loss of this life force, if it continues, causes fear, addiction, phobias and illness.

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic healing technique. The shaman journeys into the past with the guides to retrieve a person’s life force that has been frozen in time. It is the return of part of the emotional, mental or spiritual energy. The life force lost is usually from this lifetime, but it can also result from a past life trauma that still resides in the “soul template.”

In this class, we will share experiences and give you information regarding the types and causes of soul loss, how to find these soul fragments and how to conduct a soul retrieval. We will practice these techniques and give and receive a soul retrieval with a partner. You will learn how to conduct a soul retrieval session with a client, including pre-session and post-session work, and how to create a safe and sacred space for this healing ceremony. There will be homework and reading to be completed before this class, and it is highly recommended to previously have had a soul retrieval session with a Spirit Moon practitioner.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Advanced class #3 class with teacher recommendation/invitation to this class. Check the calendar for the next scheduled class.

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