Nature Spirits/Spirit Moon Initiation (Advanced class #5)

The previous classes provided students a myriad of experiences in building personal power, learning and practicing several healing techniques, creating strong and lasting relationships with each other, their Guides and Power Animals, and becoming facile at moving between ordinary and non-ordinary realities.
In the Nature Spirits and Initiation class we will:

  • Experience our Oneness at the highest level, gaining the most profound respect for ALL THAT IS!
  • Come back to our Hearts and commune deeply with the 5 elements, the 6 directions, the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars, and engage in both individual and group work with the Old Ones and ancient Earth Spirits who enliven and protect the Land.
  • Dance as our Power Animals (having created masks and/or costumes ahead of time to represent them) during a special fire ceremony.
  • Be forever joined through an eons-old tradition of sacred initiation.

This is a weekend-long, off-site retreat. After initiation, as official Spirit Moon practitioners, students will have opportunities to continue in community events and other learning opportunities.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Advanced class #4 class with teacher recommendation/invitation to this class. Check the calendar for the next scheduled class.

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