Extraction Healing (Advanced class #2)

This class is for those who wish to deepen their exploration of the Spirit world and to experience how profoundly this practice/path can affect their personal lives as it is integrated into their Life Purposes.

Extraction Healing offers ancient shamanic tools and techniques for diagnosing illness, identifying imprints (past traumas or mentally implanted fears that when triggered produce a particular type of behavior) and intrusions (energy blockages of various sorts found in any or all of the auric bodies), extracting them and doing healing afterward.

In previous classes, students learned to pull in Life Force for themselves, their partners/clients and the Planet. Now, they will learn what blocks the flow of the Life Force and how to free it up. They will create relationships with the Beings who govern their bodies, as well as Earth Mother, who assists with healing and continued wellness.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Advanced class #1 class with teacher recommendation/invitation to this class. Check the calendar for the next scheduled class.

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