Death and Dying (Advanced class #3)

Part of our responsibility, or mission, as shamanic practitioners is to live well enough to die well. Death is an integral part of Life, and some of us are drawn to assist others in making the transition from this Life to the next consciously and with honor. The intent of the Death and Dying class is to begin your work as a Deathwalker or Psychopomp: a guide who provides safe passage from this world to the next, one who can assist with what is needed for people to pass without burden, one who can identify people who have not passed well and can provide support and resources to facilitate a powerfully complete passage through death.

This work will open your heart as you see your own death as a natural part of your journey and learn steps to assist someone else in the most sacred moment of their life. The shamanic practitioner becomes more adept at traveling in both Worlds so that when the time comes, she or he walks across consciously into the realms of the familiar.

We will share experiences and give you information regarding the physical and spiritual sides of dying. We will track others who have crossed over, learn to assist in the process of crossing over and learn how to conduct a post-passing ceremony. We will learn and practice compassionate, functional rituals for before, during and after death. There will be required homework, including a book to read before class.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Advanced class #2 class with teacher recommendation/invitation to this class. Check the calendar for the next scheduled class.

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