Basic Shamanic Techniques

Are you looking for ways to connect to your guides and teachers in the world of Spirit, to Mother Earth and all that is? Have you ever wondered about what might be found upon the shamanic path? The path of the shaman is one of connection to all things — to Spirit, to Nature and to each other as human beings. In this class, we explore these connections through community, ceremony and shamanic journey. We learn basic shamanic techniques for accessing power and receiving information and Spirit guidance for life experiences and transitions.
We Will:

  • Explore the three worlds of the shaman — Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds.
  • Journey using the beat of a drum to connect to our Highest Self and to spirit and animal guides.
  • Learn to build our own energy shields to better manage our energy and power.
  • Retrieve Power Animals for each other.
  • Explore healing, divination and historical aspects of the shaman.
  • Work with the elements, the directions of the medicine wheel, and the shamanic breath.
  • Drum, rattle, whistle, hoot and celebrate life!

No pre-requisite is needed, although the Intro class may help decide if the longer classes are of interest to you. Check the calendar for the next scheduled class.

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