The Spirit Moon Shamanic Community DFW Clan is a group of teachers, students and practitioners who have studied together and are now teaching what we have learned on our paths. We offer healing services, journey circles, classes and events throughout the Dallas, Texas area. 

Shamanic Practitioners have completed at least three years of intensive studies, including  the Basic Shamanic Techniques class, Stalking Your Power, Extraction Healing, Death and Dying, Soul Retrieval, Nature Spirits and Initiation, and Integrity in Healing Arts advanced classes. They are available for shamanic healing sessions in their areas of experience. Our practitioners have strong ethical values, integrity, expertise and a desire to offer their services to the community. 

In addition, Advisory Council members, comprised of practitioners with more extensive experience, lead the community and teach the classes. These members were directly taught by the Spirit Moon founder, Lyn Birmingham, and under other well-respected teachers, including Kristin Madden, and 27th generation Nepalese shaman Bhola Banstola. The Advisory Council intends to grow the community while upholding the values and ethical standards learned from our founder, whom we collaborate with as she leads Spirit Moon Shamanic Community in Portland, Oregon. Others may be appointed to the Council as they gain experience as practitioners and teachers. 

Spirit Moon Shamanic Community is not a public group. We have a set of guidelines for progressing through the classes and pre-requisites for some groups and workshops. All classes and events are strictly drug, alcohol and mind-altering substance free. See the class and workshop information for details. 

Our Mission 
To dedicate our focus on behalf of humanity, 
To connect the relationship of the one to the Whole, 
To heal ourselves and help others heal, 
To assist in the healing of places, 
To offer ceremony: birth, death, unions, 
empowerment, rites of passage, and blessings. 

It is Time to Come Home 
To Ourselves 
And to Mother Earth 

Our Blessing
We are the stars that sing.
We sing with our light. 
We are the birds of fire. 
We fly over the sky.
Our light is a voice. 
We make a road for spirits. 
For the spirits to pass over. 

We are like the wind,
Wrapped in luminous wings. 
We make a road for spirits.
For the spirits to pass over. 

Algonquian “Song of the Stars” 

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